839 FCFA a day (=1.28€)

In 2005, a study carried out at the government's initiative estimated the poverty threshold in the Congo at 306,400 CFA per year for a single person (839 FCFA per day).

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UAFM, a key partner!

It's because we met with UAFM that our project came to life and they naturally became our key partner.
Without them, how would we work in the field? How would we understand the women's situation in Brazzaville's markets?

The team of UAFM receives microcredit requests
The team of UAFM is present in the field, and women turn to them if they want a loan. UAFM helps them analyze their needs and plan their projects.
UAFM prepares the documentation through a "Credit Committee" and transmits it to us.
UAFM follows up the whole process
After approval, Femmes d'Afrique, Femmes d'Avenir transfers the total amount needed. The team of UAFM and the women sign the credit contracts. UAFM then distributes microcredit, organizes the repayment process, and takes charge of potential repayment problems.
UAFM is in charge of training
They provide training to microcredit clients and followŠ them up during the whole process.

UAFM, Union Africaine des Femmes Managers (African Union of Women Managers)
This inter-African NGO was created in 1990 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire and works on developing solutions to the problems African women meet when creating and developing economic activities. The Brazzaville branch started operation at the end of the civil war but their resources remain limited. That's why we decided to help them.
UAFM's mission:
- To promote entrepreneurial spirit among African women
- To create a network of working women
- To improve women's access to credit
- And to increase self-confidence and confidence into one another among women