Francoise B. stated, “I can clearly observe that since the first session, women are more confident because they know that most of their problems will likely have a solution, and that that solution will likely be found within the community of the Bacongo Women’s Center.”

Françoise Batantou (on the right side) is the leader of the Maison des femmes de Bacongo.
Françoise Batantou is a social-worker for more than 30 years in Brazzaville. She is assisted by Clara, a young trainer speaking the four languages used in Brazzaville, Joseph (on the left side of the photo), administrative officer, and Chérubin, the communication officer.

President: Marie Oulion-Friedberg
60 years old, founder and manager of a multimedia publishing company.
Member of the committee of the social center Le Relais 59 (Paris).
Secretary: Danièle Jammes
63 years old, made a career in management and organization within consulting and business firms.
Administrator: Marina Oulion
PhD student in management. Graduate from ESCP Europe. Studied in London and Madrid. Studied Chinese and worked in Beijing for two years. 30 years old.
Operations manager: Samuel Mwame
Bachelor in mathematics. Professional tap dancer. 48 years old.